Software Engineer

Hello, my name is Chuck Choi

With a hospitality and tech consulting background, I excel in precise troubleshooting and effective communication, delivering solutions through critical problem-solving.

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About me

Hospitality Professional turned Software Engineer

Bridging Worlds through Code

My expertise lies in the creation of user-friendly websites and applications that incorporate state-of-the-art technology, ensuring the delivery of dynamic and captivating user experiences.

Chuck Hyun Choi
Orange County, CA
Language Skill
English, Korean

My Services

App Development

Web/Mobile App Development from scratch or mockup design using React/React Native, Flutter or Next.js

Web Development

Website Development via React, Next.js and PHP or CMS like HubSpot, WordPress, and Wix

HubSpot Consulting

Consulting Service to troubleshoot, optimize, or accomplish ANY goal for your HubSpot portal (Sales, Marketing, Service, Reporting and CMS)

Latest Projects

website Website

A mobile-responsive 20-page website using HTML, CSS (Tailwind), and JavaScript


AppGov Score Website

A mobile-responsive 10-page website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

next js

Full Stack Blog

A dynamic blog built using React, Next.js, and GraphQL (Hygraph), and Tailwind CSS

Prepared to turn your ideas into reality? I'm here to help